Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing Taylor and Tanner Howe

Taylor and Tanner come from a musical family. I'm their mom so I guess I should know. Their father has an orginal Cd and their Grandmother Mayna, had a very successful singing career. We all love music. If you were to spend anytime at our house you would think you were with the VonTraps, someone is always singing.
Taylor was always singing and making up songs the first one that I remember was to her little brother Chase in which she went on to sing how much she loved him and everything about him. It was too cute and fortunately I have it on tape. Tanner liked singing but also loved to dance and could be entertained for hours with dance music. It was in the 1st or 2nd grade that Taylor started to take her songwriting more seriously and entered it in the PTA reflections contest. From that year on she entered and won at the school and district level. In high school she even went as far as to win for the state of California. She loves writing and performing.
All the Howe's performed in musical theatre and also did performances as a family for various fundraisers. The ones that they were most proud of were "Save the Colorado Lagoon", "Katrina Relief" and singing sat the Disneyland hotel for the California Utah Womens benefit luncheon. They love performing and I think for a while they seemed to be on the babtism circuit. Everytime someone was getting baptised I got  a call requesting the Howe's to sing.
As the years grew on Taylor and Tanner both participated in the school musicals and chorus. When Taylor went to High School she entered Huntington Beach High School performing arts Commercial and Recording Arts Program. This gave her a wealth of experience and she had alot of fun creating and performing. Tanner took a little hiatus to pursue sports and film making but in the last year he has come to the conclusion that he loves performing and singing. He has decided to finish off his senior year in the Commerical and Recording Arts Program also.
Within the last few month he and Taylor have been working very hard collaborating on songs, doing some recording, starting a band and setting goals together for their future.
They would really like to do service with their music to inspire others to reach for their dreams, believe in themselves, and understand that anything is possible. The both also like to do public speaking and plan to incorporate this into their future. Eventually volunteering, doing firesides, assemblies, concerts etc.
They both have had the opportunity to do service missions and understand how good it feels to serve others. They would like to use their talents to continue to do this in some way or form.

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